Corruption Muscle

Indialantic Police Department is an all white police force that assists the Mayor and Town Hall in targeting and harassing Indialantic residents. They falsify police reports, fabricate evidence and show up banging on your door with letters from the Town. They cover for the mayor and town officials by sitting on reports and “redact” police report details that do not fit their narrative. I have heard horrible stories of racial profiling from the poorly trained children with badges, but we will get into some facts about arrests in the upcoming Cop Bio’s. Why do we need 12 police officers in a 1 (one) square mile town? I guess it takes a lot of cops to keep the corruption machine functioning.


Cop Bio’s

Chief Michael Connor – Berkmans #1 Henchman. Connor is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. He acts like he’s helping you, but he is really preparing to figuratively stick a knife in your back. He covers for Berkman and the Town Manager Mike Casey who is a former cop who has no clue what he is doing when it comes to managing a town. He lies and “redacts” public information to hide evidence of criminal wrongdoing of the mayor and his police officers.

LT Webber – Probably the most reasonable person on the force, however, he is not part of the solution so he is part of the problem.

SGT Baker – Another wolf in sheep’s clothing. He also acts like he’s helping you but he is really plotting against you and helping the mayor and others fabricate false evidence. Her is a Off. Chamberlain bodycam video of SGT Baker, and Berkman conspiring with my neighbor and Police Chief Connor to file a false police report. Notice how Berkman looks to Baker for approval to make the call and Baker tells him to “go ahead” Standard practice in the corrupt Town of Indialantic.

More BIO’s to come. Stay tuned.


How come every time I see someone pulled over on Shannon and 5th, it’s a minority????

Because the Indialantic police are trained by the Jewish Mafia and the corrupt racist Police Chief Connors to racially profile minorities and commonly refer to them as riff-raff. Seems about right for an all white racist police force led by white supremacists.

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