Elections have consequences!

Currently the mayor the Town of Indialantic and political elitists of the Town have allegedly manipulated elections by controlling the ONLY Indialantic news channel known as Nextdoor social media platform. This ALL WHITE racist administration has absolutely no diversity whatsoever and openly discriminate against minorities and refer to them as “Riff Raff”. The mayor has been accused by many residents for verbally assaulting them and stalking and harassing them for having signs other than the mayors on their lawn. He has also exhibited this behavior with Mayoral election candidate opponents and Town Council members and candidates that weren’t in line with his agenda. There are many police reports and eye witness accounts of his aggressive and abusive behavior towards residents. Currently the City council consists of his neighbors and sympathizers that he has managed to get elected and now he has a sacred majority that will allow him to do whatever he wants. The Town Manager Mike Casey former Police Chief has little credentials to run a Town, but will do whatever Berman says. The Chief of Police Mike Connor is also a Berkman lapdog and wil cover for Berkman in whatever way necessary to shield him from the laws that SHOULD govern his horrible behavior.

We need to elect Town Council Member that will look after the needs of the people instead of look after the needs of themselves and buddies. It is imperative the current corrupt admiration of Indialantic is voted out and replaced by responsible leaders that foster inclusion and fiscal responsibility instead of exclusion and elitism.


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